HSDC Holds 1st Conference at Diphu Club, HSDC is a ‘Movement Platform’ not a Party: Dr. Jayanta Rongpi


DIPHU, Dec 7: Hills State Demand Council held its 1st conference at Diphu Club here today. The conference was attended by ex-MP and HSDC Convenor Dr. Jayanta Rongpi, Dr. Mongve Rongpi, Mr. Simeon Rongphar, Rubi Kumar Phangcho and Laichan Engleng.

The event commenced with hoisting of HSDC flag by Dr. Jayanta Rongpi. The meeting began at 12:35 p.m. and later followed by a mass procession around Diphu Town lead by Dr. Mongve Rongpi along with 100s of delegates. Rubi Kr.Phangcho delivered the welcome message followed by felicitation of leaders present at the meeting.

While talking to local media ex-MP Dr. Jayanta Rongpi said, “HSDC was formed by CPI (ML), HSDP, UPF and like-minded organizations in February 2015, at the Karbi National Conference. And it was during that meeting that all parties agreed that 30 years of statehood movement failed to move ahead post MoU and therefore, the need for a movement platform was felt by all.”

Dr. Rongpi further said, “Resolution No. 1 taken during the formation of HSDC clearly stated that HSDC is not a unitary party or a single party but is only a movement platform. And was resolved that participating parties would carry on with their own party identity and continue with their calendar programmes and activities.”  “The resolution clearly mentioned that all parties were unanimous to work unitedly on the issue of autonomous state or hill state and accordingly the platform moved on. Nobody had raised any objection when that resolution was adopted. So, why have they not raised any objection to it or why then they not demanded for a single party then during the convention?,” Dr. Rongpi pointed out.

“We are not against any regional party as myself became a president and a spokesman of ASDC and Holiram Terang himself was a member of CPI (ML) Central Committee party at that time. We are not against anyone forming regional party. In fact we will support it but why are they adamant to form regional political party with that name (HSDC) which is only a ‘movement platform’ as clearly stated in Resolution No.1? They can form regional political party under different name. If they go ahead with that then we will stop it by remaining HSDC to stop them from fooling the people,” he concluded.

The confusion over HSDC is not likely to end any sooner as opposing leaders have not made any other announcement so far and therefore, all eyes are on December 10-11, when Holiram Terang led HSDC 1st Conference will be held at Joysing Doloi auditorium in Diphu.