HREA Thwart Meghalaya Electoral Verification at Arting


HAMREN, Nov 30: The Hamren Riso Ejang Asong (HREA thwarted electoral verification process being carried out by Meghalaya at Arting, in West Karbi Anglong) today.

Source told The Drongo Express that HRA reached the area immediately on receiving reports of electoral verification that was to be carried out in Arting by the Meghalaya Government today. The HREA led by general secretary, vice president and assistant secretary and along with the other Members reach Arting at 10.00 am today, where the organization members and local residents stopped the electoral roll verification meeting which was being organized by ADC (E) S.C. Lalu of West Jayantia Hills, Meghalaya and the EAC (E) of West Jayantia Hills, Meghalaya. Organization members urged the official to stop the meeting after informing them that it was illegal as the area clearly is under Karbi Anglong district.

HREA held a discussion with the Arting Headman Jerimia Rongpi and the villagers about the matter. After clearing the doubts and matter, the villager told the Meghalaya officials that they can and will only vote for election in Karbi Anglong.

Meanwhile, ADC (E) S.C Lalu also stated that all the voters of Arting which is registered with Meghalaya government will be deleted. In this connection, villagers of Arting also submitted a memorandum to the ADC (E) S.C. Lalu.

Later in the day, HREA urged people to remain vigilant and urged them to protect their land from encroachment or transfer. The organization also promised to continue their support to the people of the area on border issue in future.