UPDS Observe 6 Years Completion of MoS Signed with Govt. ,Appeal KAAC to Oppose Greater Nagalim Extension to Karbi Anglong


DIPHU, Nov 25: The United People’s Democratic Solidarity (UPDS) observed the 6-years completion of Memorandum of Settlement (MoS) signed with the Central Government at Ex-UPDS Welfare Society office on Saturday. The Mos was signed on November 25, 2011.

The Karbi Cultural Society president Chandro Sing Kro who graced the occasion as chief guest said that the day MoS was signed between UPDS and Central Government was a historic day for the people of Karbi Anglong district and the day should observe every year to remember the hardship and dedication faced and made by the UPDS leaders. Though the signing of MoS has completed 6 full years; but yet to implement the agreement fully in full spirit. “For proper and immediate implementation of the MoS, the ex-UPDS leaders, social and students’ organizations should give pressure to the Central Government start from Diphu, Dispur and Delhi. We KCS appreciated the UPDS for incorporated the development fund of Rs.95 crores for all round development of Karbi People’s Hall, Taralangso premises in the MoS,” said Kro.

Joint Secretary of Ex-UPDS Welfare Society also ex-KAAC Deputy Chairman Kangjang Terang said “We are in hotchpotch as after completion of 6 years after signing of MoS, the settlement is not fully implemented by the government. “For the early and full implementation of the MoS, we the UPDS leaders joined electoral politics by contesting in the Council election, but due to lack of cooperation by general public the political strategy was not success,” said Terang.

He also said that our aim is to bring full majority in the so that the MoS can be implemented as per the agreement. ‘During the Congress (I) regime, in the MoS Review Meeting only one person is allowed from UPDS but when I was in KAAC Deputy Chairman I have appeal the house and accordingly one more member was added. Under the MoS signed with the Centre, we have divided into two part comprising Political and Economic. We questioned the KAAC for the causes delaying tactics played by the government in implementation of the MoS,” added Terang.

Earlier, we have three MoS signatories in KAAC but now only one i.e. KAAC Chairman Horensing Bey. We are now depending on him how much he can work for the full and immediate implementation of signed MoS. If all the agreement signed in the MoS is fully implemented, then around Rs.5000 crores development works can be carried out in the district. But now we have received like installment basis that earlier we received only 350 crores and now left only Rs.9 crores where the amount were doubtingly wasted. Some of the amounts were wasted by construction of road to their rubber farm, etc. We appeal the authority that the remaining Rs.9 crores have to given for permanent rehabilitation for the surviving 300 ex- UPDS cadres and hoping that the general public will not mumble.

The money should not be given in cash instead be given schemes like plantation of rubbers, bamboo, tea through some departments.