Amur Falcon Festival Celebrated in Umrongso


Suroj Barman
HALFLONG, Nov 20: With a view to protect and preserve the Siberian migratory Amur Falcon birds in Umrongso in Dima Hasao district the two days 3rd Falcon Festival was celebrated in Tumbung (earlier Timung village) near Umrongso in Dima Hasao district.

The festival was organized at the Golf Course, Tumbung Village near Umrangso where hundreds of migratory Amur Falcon birds from Siberia congregates every year during the winter season in the Tumbung village area. On this occasion various programmes including awareness programme on protection and preservation of falcon birds, cultural programme, meetings, discussion, competition, etc. was held.

The two days Festival was organized jointly by the N.C. Hills Autonomous Council in association with Forest, Tourist and Assam Tourism department which was began from November 18 where NCHAC CEM Debolal Gorlosa, MLA B.B Hagjer, NCHAC chairperson Ranu Langthasa, deputy commissioner Debojit Hazarika and large number of local people have participated the festival.

Every year the migratory Amur Falcon birds visits Umrong Apam in the last part of October and starts leaving the area in last part of November. But unfortunately every year people in the area kills them in large number following which district administration imposed CrPc 144 in the area to save the birds and at the same time birds lovers, civil societies, autonomous council and district administration of Dima Hasao district jointly initiated various steps to aware the people and started organizing the Falcon Festival in Umrongso from 2015 which is now helping in protection of the visiting Amur Falcons and generating awareness on protection and preservation of the birds among the people.

The Festival also showcases and promotes the vast tourism prospect in Dima Hasao district of Assam. The two days Festival programme also includes bird watching and other field level activities participated by dignitaries, locals as well as some tourists.