Reception Committee for the 44th KYF Formed


Diphu, Nov 12: Reception committee for the forthcoming 44th Karbi Youth Festival was formed during a meeting held at the office premises of Karbi People’s Hall, Taralangso on Sunday.

The meeting was presided over by KCS president Chandrasing Kro while agenda of the meeting was briefed out by secretary Bidyasing Rongpi. The meeting started with the presentation of report by the secretary, reception committee of the 43rd KYF, 2017 Chandra Kanta Terang. Following approval of the report presented by Terang, the meeting formed reception committee for the forthcoming 44th KYF, 2018.

After a series of discussion, the meeting appointed Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) chairman Horensing Bey as chairman, Daniel Bey as working president, Chandra Kanta Terang as secretary, KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang as chairman of Finance committee, MAC Mangalsing Timung as convenor, EM Amorsing Tisso and Surjya Rongphar as joint convenors, MLA Sum Ronghang as chief advisor along with other members.

CEM who attended the meeting as chief guest stated that KAAC is working relentlessly to complete the road construction work and beautification of Singmirjeng Achatai at the KYF venue and promised that it will be completed within 3 months. CEM also said that though it is mandatory to adopt western culture to cope with the competitive world, effort should be made simultaneously to preserve own rich tradition and culture. “Loss of culture is loss of Identity” and we should keep in mind about the great saying, CEM stated.

He also appealed all sections of people with different political and social background that they should keep all their personal, political and social background with themselves and come together with one heart and mind for the sake of upholding the Karbi traditions.

Apart from a good number of cultural lovers and leaders from various organizations, the meeting was attended by a host of dignitaries who include MLA Sum Ronghang, KAAC EMs Prodip Rongpi, Amarsing Tisso, Jagatsing Engti, Kache Rongpipi, Tarendra Brahma, Ratan Teron, MACs Mongol Sing Timung, Darsing Ronghang, Ramsing Timung, Lunsing Teron, Pobitro Rongpi, ex-EM KAAC Suryo Rongphar, Bidya Sing Rongpi, Pavan Kumar and others.