KSA Visits to Jerikyndeng PHC, Appeal Authority for Special Attention


Kheroni, Oct 16: The Karbi Students Association (KSA) of Hamren regional committee on Monday visited Jerikyndeng Primary Health Centre and met the employees to know their problems in executing duties and other related issues.

While talking to The Drongo Express correspondent, the general secretary Babul Tokbi said that Jerikyndeng PHC is the only health centre in entire Amreng MAC constituency which have maximum population covered but the employees have enough issues beside the urgent need of infrastructure and modern facility.

The road condition connecting Umkhermi, Mukoilum, Jerikyndeng to Kheroni via Charchim is in deplorable condition. The repairing work of PWD road which was done last year began to shred up and only pebbles and sand can be seen. The people in Jerikyndeng also complained that the power supply is very irregular in the area beside telecommunication problems.

“There is network problem in Jerikyndeng area and could not make a call during any emergency cases. Due to deplorable road condition the private cars and ambulance could not take the risk in taking the referred patients,” said the employees.

The employees also explained their woes to visiting KSA leaders about inadequate staff quarter for the health employees besides having no proper drinking water facility.

The KSA therefore appeal concern departments like Medical, PWD, PHE and EM incharge to pay special attention and to come forward to address the acute problems faces by the people living in Jerikyndeng area in particular and Amreng MAC constituency in general.