Posting Abusive Comments on KAAC CEM in FB, Kangthir Bey Apologizes for his Deeds


Correspondent; Hamren, Oct 12: In another denigration on social media case, Kangthir Bey, S/o former Chairman of Dongkamokam Town Committee Kehai Bey,who was jailed for a month at Hamren district jail early this year for repeatedly posting abusive comments and writing false allegations against Karbi Anglong Autonomous Concil (KAAC) CEM Tuliram Ronghang on Facebook was taken to Dongkamukam Police Outpost by the supporters and plead guilty in an open letter that he will be solely responsible for any untoward incident that may backfire due to his allegations if he continue to do so in future.

Kangthir Bey who is on bail has created chaos yet again after he took to the social media a week ago posting the pictures of CEM Tuliram Ronghang, Serlongki Bey and Rensing Timung, calling them pigs. Even though the post was deleted right away.Today, some hundreds errant well wishers of CEM including Serlongki Bey and Rensing Timung took him to Dongkamokam Police outpost and made him to declare in an open letter that if any such false or abusive comments is posted in any social media site against the trio, then he will be solely responsible for any untoward action thereafter.

Bey admitted that whatever he had written and commented on Facebook against the three was a total blunder on his part and said that he is sorry for his deeds. He then signed a note of his regret and vowed to never repeat such act again in near future. He signed the note in presence of KAAC chairman Horensing Bey, Serlongki Bey, Rensing Timung, his father Kehai Bey, Dongkamukam Police Outpost i/c Hitesh Basumatary and hundreds of public, sources said.