Airtel Network Woes In Hamren


Hamren, Oct 05: Telecom network continues to be one of the biggest issue and problems for the people of Hamren town in West Karbi Anglong district, sources said on Thursday.

Residents of the district headquarter alleged that the Airtel network service is extremely bad and not consistent even within the town itself. Hamren residents informed that the network in Hamren old market area is good but is very appalling in the Saturday market and Ambinong area. “Saturday market and Ambinong area are accessible area and communication system is also quite okay therefore, it is very surprising as to how Airtel network is so pathetic,” a resident said.

“There is a mobile tower at Ambinong but the network is very bad and very irregular,” another resident lamented. “One cannot imagine life without mobile phones and many people have to even reserve auto rikshaw to go towards the Hamren old market area to make or take a call for their daily matters,” the resident continued.

“The complaints and other matters related to the poor mobile network service have been brought out several times through local media but had fallen on deaf ears. Airtel is one of India’s most respected company for its overall service however, the service being provided in Hamren is contrary to what the company claims to be,” a youth said.

It may be mentioned that Hamren town is slowing growing with government offices functioning but the absence good mobile network service in the district headquarter is affecting a lot of people in their daily lives.

Hamren residents have again appealed concerned authority for improvement of networks in the area in the interest of all sections of society.