CKS Organizes Symposium On Research As Activism


Diphu, Sept 21: The Centre for Karbi Studies (CKS) has organized a talk on ‘Research as Activism’ at Terang’s Guest House conference hall, Diphu on September 21 from 4-7 pm.

Eminent social scientist from Oxford University and Anthropologist Dr. Felix Padel and retired professor of Diphu Government College U.B. Pandey attended the programme as resource persons and guests. The programme started with introduction and felicitation of guests by lecturer of Diphu Government College Asst. Prof Maggie Katharpi followed by a talk on ‘Karbi Kathayen’ by Prof. U.B.Pandey, a book which was published by him. During his talk, Prof. Pandey particularly talked about Karbi folklore and its mythology and his journey in discovering the Karbi culture during his long career in the district. He also spoke that Karbi folklore is the most romantic among all the myths in the country as far as he knew.

Meanwhile, Dr. Felix Padel particularly talked about the dangers of traditionalism in a modern world and how tribal cultures are slowly becoming a victim to modernization. He also mentioned that countless people are displaced in the name of development saying that governments and companies are constructing dams and mining minerals, thereby displacing indigenous people.

“Displacing indigenous people in the name of development is not development since innocent people are being displaced from their habitations which they have been dwelling for ages. However, it can be stated that the civilized class of people are squeezing out the indigenous class from their peaceful habitations, thereby exposing them to a threat of cultural, language and traditional extinction. Rampant activities of globalization have already created a huge impact on the tribes and indigenous people and you should be careful, lest you face extinction,” Dr. Padel stated.

Following questions hours from the participants, six portraits of legendary Karbi personalities were unveiled by Engineer Badan Tisso. Out of 11 portraits, only 6 portraits were unveiled due to non completion of painting works. Portraits of Rangsina Sarpo, Thong Nokbe, Rongpharpi Rongbe, Kareng Ronghangpi, Ru Semson Sing Ingti and portrait of Nimso Kirung, a Karbi interment dance was unveiled during the programme.

The programme concluded with a vote of thanks from Director of CKS Dharamsing Teron. Around 50 people from various educational background participated in the programme.