Orgs Hold Torch Rally in Diphu and Dongka Against Assam Govt and KAAC’s Failure, Warns of Further Intense Democratic Agitation if Demands not Met


Diphu, Sept 20: The 24+ organizations held torch rally against the failure of the Government of Assam and Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) with regard to their demand for new Acts and Rules of KAAC as per Paragraph 2 Sub-Para 7 (a) & (b) of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India and for Electoral Reform for the Hills Tribes as per Paragraph 20 of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India.

The torch rally was held at Diphu and Dongkamukam simultaneously in the evening during which many youths and members of 24+ organizations from Diphu and other places participated in the rally despite inclement weather in Diphu here this evening.
Leaders present at the torch rally in Diphu include, SSIC adviser J.I. Kathar, KARAA president Dhansing Ronghang, SSIC president Samson Teron, UKSA president Roton Terang and GGKSA ex-office secretary Angtong Ingti.

While speaking to the media person at the torch rally, SSIC adviser J.I Kathar reiterated the organizations’ demand that names of non-tribal should be permanently deleted from the KAAC electoral roll under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India for the protection of the indigenous tribal people of the hill district. “We demand immediate deletion of non-tribal people, framing of new laws, tribal land be illegaly occupied be retained and give back to the tribal people of the hill district as per the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution. We don’t want and reject Panchayati Raj as we already have our own autonomous Council and strongly demand that customary laws of tribal to protection and strengthen our Sixth Schedule institution,” said J.I. Kathar.

When asked why the KAAC had not done anything despite several representations and already holding several rallies on the issue, SSIC adviser said that the matter is already in High Court and they don’t have to comment on that. “We should not wait for the Court’s judgment but the KAAC should take up the matter by itself as the Council is empowered by the Constitution of India,” JI Kathar said.

Sixth Schedule is more powerful than Court’s order. If they (KAAC elected representatives) are not doing it would clearly mean they are afraid, inefficient or not capable, embarrassed of themselves and don’t love their tribal people,” he reminded. He also said that the MP, MLAs, CEMs, EMs and MACs have disappointed the tribal people and their present attitude and sidelining of the demand of the people shows that they are only worried about their chair and nothing else.

When asked about their next programme, the SSIC adviser said that they would not stop but continue their movement as per the democratic law of the land until the various democratic demands for the protection of the Sixth Schedule is fulfilled.

The protestors in Dongkamukam during the rally chanted slogan against the failure of the state government and the KAAC over their failure to take any initiative for the protection of the indigenous tribal people of Karbi Anglong district. “We want justice. Uphold the traditional customary system,” chanted the protestors. The rally also marked one year completion of the first memorandum submission to the KAAC and the state government by the tribal organizations of the district.

Leader Klirdap Terang Dili while talking to media persons said that the state government and KAAC are totally neglecting the indigenous tribes of the hills district and their current attitude and intentional disregard will wipe out the tribal people of Karbi Anglong.”

“We would be forced to resort to more rigorous democratic movement in coming days if our demands are not met at the earliest timeframe,” Terang informed.