Bad Road Irks Commuters


Correspondent; Bokajan, Sept 4: The PWD road that linked Nambor Adarsha and Piti Adong was in deplorable condition where the commuters expressed to take the road due to a wrecked culvert caused by inundation that usually gushes down from the hills after heavy downpours.

Locals and commuters said that the road has becoming smaller day by day due to soil erosion caused as a result of broken culvert that it is quite difficult for the four wheelers to pass through it. They also informed that they have found it very difficult to travel due to its appalling condition.

The people appealed the authority to construct a bridge in place of culvert as it is prone to flash flood.

“The government will not face the consequences of the carelessness caused by them but it is we people who will face the brunt,” added the villagers.