Student Accuse DGC Principal and Accountant of Sexual Exploitation : Demand Justice and Stringent Punishment Against the Duo


Diphu, Aug 10: In one of the most shocking incident that is sending shock waves across the district, an 18-year old female student has accused Diphu Government College (DGC) principal Dr. Nirab Kr. Sarma and accountant Doheswar Daimary for sexually, mentally and physically harassment since 2016. The shocking statement was revealed to local media by the girl on August 9, 2017 evening.

While revealing the shocking ordeal that she went through, the victim said,” I was sexually, mentally and physically harassed by Diphu Government College principal Dr. Nirab Kr Sharmah.”

When being asked as to when she was being exploited and harassed, she explained that “I was sexually exploited since July 16, 2016, at the time when I was studying in science stream at the government college.”

In addition to this, the victim gave another shocking statement alleging that Accountant Doheswar Daimary also sexually exploited her. “He said that if I have to pass the entrance examination for MBBS course, then I have to sleep with him. So, I was forced to go to Dimapur to sleep with him,” she added.

She said her friend was the main person who supported her. “I would have been already dead long ago had I not been supported by my best friend,” narrated the victim.
“I want justice, justice and justice,” she cried.

When asked why she took so long to come out to reveal it before the public, she said, “Tell me what can I do? I don’t have any power or support. What do I do?.”

When contacted on August 10 evening, the mother of the victim said that FIR had not been lodged yet and more details of the shocking news are awaited.

The statement of the girl before the local media has utterly shocking, and if it is true then the incident is likely to create strong reactions and protest in the entire district as well as the state.