Residents of Borlai Hanse and adjacent villages dismayed over dilapidated road


Correspondent; Balipathar, Aug 5: Residents of Borlai Hanse and adjacent villages have expressed utter dismay over the pathetic condition of the roads which are only worsening each passing day.

Residents of the area alleged that road between Balipathar market and Borlai Hanse village which is being leveled with sand gravel, is extremely pathetic and has actually made the condition of the road worst than before.

Local villagers informed that the fund for leveling of road with sand gravel was sanctioned through MLA scheme after the demand for construction of road was placed before the MLA. “Initially, the people of the area became got some relief at the news of the sanctioning of fund for the leveling of the road with the thought that construction or leveling of the road with sand gravel would now make travelling a bit easier,” resident of the village told reporter.

“But instead of leveling the road with sand gravel manually, the leveling work was carried out with JCB crane and due to this the condition of the road got worse than before. The road is now mostly filled with mud and large potholes making life of the villages, especially students and aged persons, very difficult and unbearable,” villagers informed.

Villagers of the area and adjacent villages expressed their great frustration and anger against local MLA Dr. Numol Momin stating that his ‘Na khauga, Na khane dunga’ rhetoric is turning out to a be lie,” villagers added.” The villagers have appealed the concerned authority to take immediate measures and address their other demands as well.All eyes will be upon the BJP which is in power at Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) and local MLA as to what it will do to end the sufferings of residents of the area.