Public Decry on Bad Road at Hanjanglangso


Correspondent; Bokajan, Jun 25: People of Hanjanglangso Langteng Arong under No. 22 Sarupathar MAC constituency are facing intense hardship due to the poor condition of two wooden bridges which is their lifeline with the outside world.

While interacting with The Drongo Express, angry locals vent out their anger to the concerned authority for failing to construct the bridge and playing with the lives of common people.

“We are living in this condition that people fall from the bridge and the sick persons are carried with a thela to the other side of the bridge since ambulance cannot pass through it. If we call for an ambulance during an emergency, the ambulance will be waiting on the other side of the bridge and we carry our patients with a thela. Not only that, it is a big threat to students who regularly cross the bridge in order to go to school,” the locals stated.

While appealing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government to oversee the poor condition of the people, they stated that they have always mentioned about ‘parivartan’ and are waiting for them to put their words into action.

“The BJP always use the word ‘parivartan’ in their dialogues and we are eagerly waiting for them whether they will put this word into action since they are a ‘parivartan’ government,” the public further said.

They also appealed the government as well as the PWD under Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) to oversee the whole situation and provide a better bridge for the people.