Maiso Timung Who Shorn of Party Ticket, Joins KADF


Correspondent; Bokajan, June 9: In a major setback to BJP, senior leaders of the party Maiso Timung joined KADF candidate Kadom Terangpi along with his supporters on Friday.

Veteran BJP leaders were unhappy as their demand for ticket from Sarupathar MAC constituency was turned down instead the high command declared Jagat Sing Engti as the party candidate.

“Grassroots level party workers have been ignored while settling down of party tickets. Several ticket seeker names were sent from the constituency, but the district BJP leaders forwarded only a single name to the party high command. We have been betrayed,” said Timung.

He further said that he worked for the BJP for the past several years and he was upset with the way the high command is playing in giving party tickets. He also alleged that the local level leadership were misguided by the high command.

He assured to work for KADF candidate Kadom Terangpi in the campaigning process for the coming KAAC election.