Street Corner Meeting by Various Parties at Langhemphi


Correspondent; Hamren, Jun 8: In continuation with its poll campaign a head of KAAC election different political parties like INC, BJP, HSDC and AGP organized street corner meeting at various part of Langhemphi on Thursday.

The different political parties choose the day as weekly market fall on this day. People from different villagers came together to collect their basic needs or ration so the political parties were eyeing for the day.

Sources said the Congress (I) candidate Alice Engtipi and supporters organized a street meeting at Langhemphi and assured the voters of more development in No. 9-Amreng MAC constituency if elected to power.

Such meeting was also carried out by Jotson Bey senior HSDC leaders and ex- CEM and supporters. In the meeting Bey said that the present BJP party led KAAC does very little for the welfare of the people and urges them to extend support to regional party candidate Ramsing Terang.

Later, the same street corner campaign was also organized by Assam Gana Parishad and Bharatiya Janata Party.