Official Press Conference of KADF Held in Diphu, Submit to Fight for the Rights of People in Karbi Anglong: Surjya


Diphu, May 22: In a latest political development in Karbi Anglong, leaders of the newly formed Karbi Anglong Democratic Forum (KADF) today said that ex-CEM had lied to them in matters relating to allotment of party tickets to contest from the BJP party recently. This was stated during a press conference held at District Press Club in Diphu this morning.

KADF leaders who were present at the press conference that began at 11:00 in the morning include ex-EM and Convenor Surjya Rongphar, ex-EM and Convenor D. Uphing Maslai, ex-EM J.C. Pathak, ex-EM Prodip Singnar, ex-Handloom & Textile chairperson Kadom Terangpi and Nilip Block ex-BRCC chairman Richard Tokbi among others.

Speaking to the local media, Surjya Rongphar who will be contesting from Deopani MAC constituency said that the national parties have consistently ignored the wishes and dreams of the people in the district. “It became obvious that the rights of the indigenous people have not been the priorties of these national parties, instead, it is gradually being curtailed. Therefore, it has become necessary for the KADF to take this form to fight for the rights of the people in Karbi Anglong by contesting during this KAAC election 2017,” said Rongphar.

He also briefed that there are several issues in the district which need immediate intervention by the government authority. If we are selected our focuses will be mainly on implementation of Article 244 (A) to the Constitution of India, Empowerment of Sixth Schedule, Build roads to every villages, provide electricity in each villages, safe drinking water facility to the masses, protect border, proper health facility to rural people, improve the educational system in the district, create employment opportunity, create recruitment board under KAAC and total implementation of Memorandum of Settlement.

“The KADF leaders are deaf, blind and mum when they are with the national party and as KAAC election nearing they are trying to woo the voters by promising to empower the Sixth Schedule and create recruitment board under KAAC ,” said the concern citizen. They also questioned the KADF that when the 24+ organisations are demanding for empowerment of Sixth Schedule as per Paragrapgh 2 of sub-paragraph 7 for electoral reforms with tooth and nail, KUYA organised hunger strike for several days to create recruitment board in KAAC at that time why their voices are not raised?. It would be interesting what verdict will be given by the people of Karbi Anglong on June 17.