Ex-UKPLA Welfare Society Holds Executive Meeting


Correspondent; Bokajan, May 22: Ex-United Karbi People Liberation Army Welfare Society (Ex-UKPLA) central committee held an executive meeting at Hangjanglangso Ex-ULPLA office to discuss on different issues related to the forthcoming KAAC election on Monday.

The meeting was chaired over by its President Joysing Rongpi and attended by Vikash Timung Secretary and other executive members.

The society discusses and asked all the organizations, political party and individuals to maintain peace & harmony and appeal not indulged in upsetting situation.

Later, the committee inducted Amitson Milick as vice president, Raju Tokbi as assistant general secretary and Ram Hanse as office secretary.

The committee also warned Ram Hanse@ Ronjit Hanse and Roben Phangcho (who had deserted the organization) not to take any advantage in name of ex-UKPLA in future and if they fail to comply with the caution then they themselves will be responsible for any untoward incident.