PP Declares Candidates List for KAAC Election, More on the Line


Diphu, May 15: The People’s Party (PP) is all set to face the forthcoming Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) election by declaring the names of 6 candidates on May 15.

In a press statement issued by its president Rajen Timung, altogether 6 names were declared by him today. The names are, Ananta Hanse from No. 16 Nomati MAC constituency, Rangsina Teron from No. 12 Phuloni constituency, Im Bey from No. 8 Hamren constituency, Noben D. Sangma from Bithung Rengthama constituency, Raju Timung from No. 19 Dhansiri constituency and Arun Kumar Ronghang from No. 13 Langhin MAC constituency.

PP also said that names of candidates for other constituencies will be declared within few days by the Central Committee.

“We have tried our level best to launch new and energetic and fresh leaders and we will give more importance to the upcoming new generations. Peoples Party belongs to the people and all the powers will be on the hands of the people. It is up to them to launch new leaders and we appealed all the people of Karbi Anglong to join and support us in the upcoming KAAC elections,” the press statement said.

PP also said that the time has come to the people to uproot national parties like Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress (I) since both the parties have betrayed the people of Karbi Anglong.
“Time has come to uproot all these opportunists and unpatriotic leaders and start a new beginning in the coming days,” PP said.