KSU Condemn EM Bidyasing Rongpi’s Statement Swear to Fight for Junuka Tissopi


Diphu, Apr 4: The Karbi Students Union (KSU) on Tuesday expressed their deep concern over the statement made by KAAC EM Bidyasing Rongpi, i/c PHE Department contrary to the allegation labelled by the union against the non-appointment of Junuka Tissopi, who is a physically working disabled (PWD) candidate.

The KSU alleged that Tissopi was discarded for the post of junior assistant in PHE Department despite the availability of 3% quota for disabilities in the same department. “The concern EM instead of assenting to our appeal and appoint her ostensibly threatened our president George Timung,” said KSU general secretary Richard Ingti.

The KSU strongly condemned against the statement given by Rongpi saying KSU being politically motivated and acting on the behest of some vested politician.

They further clarified that KSU is fighting against the apathy since July 2016 and lodged a complaint to the Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Guwahati on September 5, 2016 and will continue to fight till the victim Junuka Tissopi is given justice.