Amri MAC Constituency has the Highest Number of ‘Single Teacher School’: HSDC


Diphu, Apr 03: The Hill State Demand Council (HSDC) on Tuesday alleged that Amri Block under Amri MAC constituency has the highest number of ‘zero teacher schools’ and stand second highest in the number of ‘single teacher school’ in the entire West Karbi Anglong district. This happened to be KAAC EM D. Uphing Masali i/c Education own constituency stated in a statement issued by HSDC general secretary i/c publicity Daniel Teron.

No wonder the constituency remained the most neglected educationally despite the fact that the voters have placed their trust on EM D. Uphing Maslai consecutively for two terms.

HSDC said that the data was came from the report published by Sarva Shiksa Abhijan (SSA) titled “ Progress Overview and Status of Elementary Education in the District of West Karbi Anglong’ which stated that out of the 39 numbers of zero teacher schools in the district, 28 schools is under Amri Educational Block, 2 Rongkhang Educational Block, 2 in Chinthong Educational Block and 7 in Socheng Educational Block. This point out that the KAAC has failed to provide teachers for these schools and thereby willfully and criminally depriving children who are depending on these schools for their primary education.

“Amri Block registers the highest number of ‘zero teacher school’ in the district utter neglect the EM i/c Education has for his own constituency in his consecutive ten years tenure,” added the statement.

The regional party said that the single teacher are no different from a zero teacher schools because a single teacher cannot be expected to successfully impart knowledge of five classes of school alone effectively thus destroying the intellectual growth of a child at the crucial stage who is later on expected to compete with the best and the brightest in getting admission in higher classes or for jobs.