KSYC Inspect Schools in Diphu, Demand Arrest of Furniture Suppliers


Diphu, Mar 20: A team of Karbi Students’ & Youth Council (KSYC) led by its secretary general Rajiv Tokbi today went for an inspection in various schools under SSA Lumbajong Educational Block. The inspection was being made following the news item published in local newspaper on March 17 that school materials for L.P, M.E, High and Higher Secondary Schools supplied by one Kamal Jain and Manoj Agarwal of Diphu were not at all usable by the Schools as well by the students.

The team visited Dillaji L.P. School to gather first hand information and check the quality of the furniture supplied by the said contractors that includes tables, chairs, desk and benches, blackboards, steel rack and sports material and found that it was totally void and unusable. The organization members also visited Klirdap High School and found same condition of benches, desk, and tables, said the report.

Tokbi urged the authority to arrest and punish the man behind all these malicious activities. “Supplying such poor quality material to schools needs to be a shamed by the suppliers as well as the authority,” added Tokbi.

“Why is the KAAC authority keeping a mum and turn a blind eye on this issue,” asked the organization. The organization further hit out at the leaders saying that majority of the politicians always speak of improving educational quality, system and infrastructure but the reality is totally opposite.

“The KAAC and especially EM in charge of education are not giving any importance on the issues for the smooth functioning of schools, issues and problems faced by the students and teachers entire the district,” said the organization.

“KAAC leaders and concerned officers don’t even read local newspapers to follow and track of what is going on in the district. They know only money and gave least importance to the problems faces by the people. This is quite shameful, outrageous and insulting to the public who have voted for them,” added the organization’s leader.

They told that the Dillaji LP School and Klirdap High School, the building itself is in deplorable condition with torn roofs, broken doors and panes, the pillars are also totally worn out and needed immediate repairs.

KSYC secretary said, “If this is the conditions of the materials and the overall school infrastructure in Diphu, imagine what would be the state of many schools in interior areas.”

“We demand immediate arrest of the main suppliers and all involved in supply of school materials as this is an act of corruption and an indirect violation of the RTE act,” Tokbi said. The organization also warned to take up severe democratic agitation in the event of immediate action against the people involved in supplying unusable furniture and other materials for schools under the KAAC.