Broomstick Price Fall, Cultivators in Grief


Koilamati, Mar 20: Despite the BJP workers, government offices and officials are making hay of the Clean Karbi Anglong Mission (CKAM) with mint fresh broom in their hand but cultivators are in deep sorrow as the price of the broom is losing price particularly in Koilamati weekly market informed our special correspondent on Monday.

The price of a single bunch of the broom which’s ranges between Rs.30-40 in the market has gone down to Rs.4 leading to the poor cultivator in immense distress.

The reporter quoted those buyers in the market allegedly told the poor farmers that, “we were compelled to sell the broom with a very low price, and we are not even able to pay the carrying charge of the broom’.

The prices of broom have weakened its significant since the past one year. Farmers took the brunt of the sudden prices fall of the broom. The broom cultivator of Karbi Anglong in particular was among the worst affected, a double whammy coming on top of the price fall.

The smallest player in the entire system, the cultivator, is panicking. They said that the price can go down further. “The entire mood in the market was of panic and chaos” said one of the farmers. “If the authority doesn’t make any alternative arrangement, then the prices of brooms in the wholesale market will make the farmers in the area worse,” lamented the farmers.