Voluntary Teachers’ Training Held at Socheng


The Socheng Block Lok Siksha Samity (BLSS) yesterday conducted a voluntary teachers’ training at Kheroni Chariali Gandhi Vidyapeeth Hindi LP School in collaboration with Sarba Siksha Abhijan (SSA), Socheng Block.

Altogether 275 teachers attended the training session chaired by volunteer teacher president Hiralal Chauhan and object of the meeting was read out by Socheng Block coordinator Dhoniram Tisso. The programme was attended by Zila Lok Siksha Samity coordinator Kamal Bhattacharjee as chief guest, teachers Linus Bey, Lovelin Hanse, Rajib Barua and others.

The chief guest gave his valuable speech on the importance of education and enlightened the voluntary teachers to teach and spread education to children from 15 years of age to adults and senior citizens. The persons who have attended the meeting also cleaned the entire surrounding of the school.