Remembering Ru SS Ingti on his 69th Death Anniversary


 Remembering Ru Semson Sing Ingti on his 69th death anniversary was held at KAAC Branch Secretariat Hamren under the initiated of KAAC, Hamren on 28th February, 2017.

A salute was given and interfaith prayer, devotional songs and people from different walks of life gathered there to pay respects to Ru Semson Sing Ingti, A two-minute silence was also observed to mark the Day.

KAAC EM i/c fishery & transport Rupsing Teron who led the memorial service programme said that  tribute to beloved Ru Semson Sing Ingti on his 69th death Anniversary Semsonsing Ingti is undoubtedly the most towering and iconic figure of Karbi nationalism whose intense commitment towards his own people helped shape its destiny at a turbulent time when everything only seemed a distant dream—a dream that was shaped by a fierce imagination of a people who were only faint outlines in the periphery of the emerging India.

“But the man, to the majority of lesser mortals, has continued to remain an enigma whose life and contributions have never been evaluated in the truest sense. The general amnesia of the Karbi intelligentsia, both of the past and the present, has almost rendered him into a shadowy figure, coming ‘alive’ only during ritual official commemorations. The mass amnesia has manifested through the confusing and often contradictory information about even this man’s birth and death. To confound the confusion further, a tombstone at his grave at the Nowgaon Baptist Church cemetery ‘recorded’ his date of birth as 8 February 1904! This ‘record’ has contradicted and in a way invalidated all the existing literature, though rather sparse, on the man. There even exists the controversy around the date of his death and as regards the place where he was born. Did he breathe his last on 29 February, 1948? Was he born at Tika or Golaghat? These and many more such confusing questions on the life and works of the man have only helped to build an increasingly dense aura of myths around him. Sadly, this reflects upon our own criminal indifference to our history,” he said.

The statue of Ru Semson Sing Ingti statue which was installed at Hamren was expected to be inaugurated during the first week of March next month along with statue Ex- HAD Minister Kt. Dhoniram Rongpi.

During the programme development scheme and Excellency award for HSLC & HS should be given in memorial of Ru Semson Ingti was insist by some of the guest present.