Joint Orgs. Demand Preparation of KAAC Electoral Roll as Per Provision of Sixth Schedule


Joint social and students organizations have continued their fight for preparation of KAAC electoral roll as per Sixth Schedule provision paragraph 2 (7) of (a) and (b) of  the Indian Constitution for ensuing MAC election. This was stated by the organizations’ leaders during a press meet held at  Central Range Forest IB, Diphu today.

Nilip Nihang Karbi Rong Asar Amai (NNKRAA) president Dhonsing Ronghang said, “We strongly condemn the announcement of KAAC election’s month by State BJP president Ranjit Kr. Das. He does not have any moral right to dictate the people of Karbi Anglong by pronouncement the month for KAAC election as it is none of their business when to conduct and when not as Karbi Anglong is not a general district but created as per Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India. “It is the duty of Election Commission of India to fix the date or month as per the Sixth Schedule regulation in the Sixth Schedule district,” said Ronghang.

Coming down heavily on herbal giant Patanjali Company in Karbi Anglong, Ronghang said that we will not allow an inch of our land to Patanjali in masquerade of border protection and solving of unemployment problems in the district. “The people of Karbi Anglong have enough experiences by the deception of Assam Rifle Training Centre (Diphu), HQ of Indian Reserve Battalion (IRBn) (Longlit), Karbi Langpi Hydro Project (Amreng) and Cement Corporation of India (Bokajan). They have deceived the indigenous people in the name of development and employment but in reality we had a bitter experience,” added Ronghang.

In the meeting, Karbi Farmer Association (KFA) president Rajesh Tisso also said that KAAC election should be conducted after completion of genuine electoral roll as per Sixth Schedule to the Constitution India. On behalf of the organisation he strongly opposed the coming of Patanjali Company in the district. Tisso asked the KAAC authority that how much revenue will reap by KAAC from Patanjali annually and how many of the local youth will get permanent employment and on what basis. “Inviting Patanjali to Karbi Anglong is nothing than inviting more influx into our already illegal migrant burdened district and the company will also destroyed all medicinal herbs which are not found in other part of the country,” said Tisso.

Sixth Schedule Implementation Committee (SSIC) president Semson Teron also soke on the same tune that the state government is trying to annihilate the indigenous people living in Karbi Anglong district by making numbers of Central/State Reserve Forest, Wild Sanctuary, Elephant corridors, Tiger project, Eco-Sensitive Zone, etc. “Population keeps on increasing day by day but the land will not increase, on what basis the state government is dumping everything in Karbi Anglong?”, questioned Teron.

The 10 social, youth and student organisations includes Nilip Nihang Karbi Rong Asar Amei (NNKRAA), Karbi Farmer Association (KFA), United Karbi Students’ Association (UKSA),  Sixth Schedule Implementation Committee (SSIC), Karbi Anglong Social Development Organization (KASDO), People for Peoples (PP), Karbi Students & Youth Association (KSYA), United Hills Development Organization (UHDO), Kuki National Assembly (KNA) and Dimasa Students Union (DSU) and they strongly demanded the KAAC authority to fulfil their demand preparation of fresh KAAC electoral roll as per the provision to the Sixth Schedule. They also demanded KAAC authority to hold joint meeting with social, youth and student organizations in the district on Patanjali row at the earliest. If the authority failed to hold any discussion with the said organisations, a strong agitation against KAAC will be initiated. If any untoward incident took place or Law and order situation is created the KAAC authority and Patanjali Company will be held responsible.