EM MS Timung Distribute Blankets at Harlong Chebat


Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) EM Mongalsing Timung and other BJP leaders of the district today distributed blankets to the villagers of Harlong Chebat under No. 8 Hamren MAC constituency during a distribution programme at around 01:00 pm.

The distribution programme was presided over by Harlong Chebat BJP local committee president Khorsing Engti while objective of the meeting was briefed by secretary Khaisong Engleng.
At the programme, EM Mongalsing Timung was accompanied by a host of party leaders who include Agriculture Board chairman Bidyasing Teron, Border Board chairman Dilip Hanse, BJP West Karbi Anglong District Committee office secretary Harmon Bey and other party workers.

During the meeting, 28 families belonging to the Congress merged with the saffron party under the leadership of Bidya Bey.

In his speech, EM Timung welcomed the newly joined members and appealed them to stand firm with the saffron party. He also appealed all the people attending the meeting to support the BJP in the forthcoming KAAC elections saying that only BJP can be the best friend of the poor and the downtrodden people.