Bad Smell and Smoke from DTC’s Garbage Mound Irks Denizens


Passersby and local folks in and around Sorsori area are having a hard time dealing with air pollution since Diphu Town Committee (DTC) are disposing mound of garbage not even a metre away from the Diphu-Dhansiri road. This was found after The Drongo Express visited the site and interviewed the sufferers.

Residents of the area as well as daily passersby from Dhansiri-Daldali and its adjoining areas are complaining about the fact that garbage are thrown just few inches away from the road, generating bad smell. Adding fuel to the fire, the employees even burned the disposed garbage filling the area with smoke and bad smell, polluting the environment heavily.

“Every day, we have to pass through the road where heaps of garbage lies just a metre away from the road. The smell is so bad that I and my passengers often feel giddy. Moreover, the smoke of burnt garbage smells so bad that breathing becomes so difficult,” said an auto driver who drives regularly on this road carrying passengers from Diphu to Sorsori, Bithilangso, Daldali, Dhansiri and its adjoining areas.

“The smoke smelt so bad that breathing itself has become very difficult. The DTC authority did the act as if no humans exist in and around the area. They disposed the garbage just few metre away from the main road and even burned the heaps of smelly garbage causing heavy pollution,” said the resident of Panbari area.

The people also appealed the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) authority and the DTC to take immediate steps for the sake of the people in the area by throwing the garbage far off from the road.